Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lot (L) of 20 **PROGRESSIVE HOUSE** dj vinyl records

Good morning! Today we're featuring lot of 20 Progressive House DJ vinyl records. First, before we get in the particulars of the lot, let me define what exactly Progressive House is, for those that don't know.

Progressive House emerged from the dance scene in the UK in the early 90's. It features a wide mix of sounds that include deep house, dub and trance. You won't hear massive breakdowns and crescendos as you would hear in big room house or "epic" trance, but rather more subtlety in its layers. 

This particular lot of 20 Progressive House DJ vinyl, has a nice collection of vinyl from the 90's and early 2000's. Some of the artists included in this lot are Way Out West, Robbie Rivera, Paul Hamill, Tetra, Tribal Sun, and Grayson Shipley. There are lots of imports, including a large share from the UK.  

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For your listening pleasure, we have included a few of the tracks from this lot, so you can hear what you'll be getting.

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