Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lot of 20 **IBIZA CLASSIC* DJ vinyl records

If you've been around as long as I have in this scene, you'll remember the glut of of Ibiza dance compilations that came out. The height of this was in the early 2000's. Of course now, we don't nearly have as many CD compilations released as before (thanks to the "digital" era). 

In this particular lot we've gathered up a collection of vinyl that was played back during this time. It's a mix of Trance and House and many were anthems at the time. 

Some of the artists/remixers includes are Bassment Jaxx, Marc Et Claude, Members Of Mayday, Future Breeze, Dario G, Jamx & Deleon, Legend B and more. I think you get the idea! Since we're talking Ibiza here, the majority of the vinyl are imports, which makes this even sweeter.

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